Recharge Card Printing Manual

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The GSM Marketplace,
Penthouse Suites,
Bamboo Plaza,

6/8, New Isheri Road,

01-791 4279


© 2004- Afrocommerce Communications Ltd. All Rights Reserved



The GSM Marketplace café console allows the distribution, management and printing of e-Vouchers for all major telecommunication networks and denomination.

It is designed with user-friendly functionalities that enable easy operation even at first use. It supports batch printing, custom printing and general management of e-Vouchers.

1.To Log in to the Marketplace

➢ Double click on the Café Console Icon (A Naira sign on the desktop) to launch the application.


➢ Log in with your User Name and Password. (This is provided during first time use).

2. To upload Inventory i.e. electronic pins of either CELTEL, STARCOMMS, GLO or MTN purchased.

Before attempting to upload, be sure of the location of your PIN file, i.e. the drive the file has been saved in, for easy location during upload.

After login with your User Name and Password;


➢ Click on ‘Admin options’.

[pic] ➢ Click on ‘Upload Inventory’.

➢ Select the desired Network and click continue:


A box appears requesting the upload password and the format to upload. Type in the supplied upload password. (PASSWORD NOT NECESSARY IN LATEST VERSION)

• If the pin file was encrypted keep the Decrypt PIN file checked, otherwise keep it unchecked. (Your PIN is delivered to your email encrypted or unencrypted based on your preference)


➢ A File Open Dialog appears showing list of files and folders. Choose the location where your PIN was saved. ➢ Specify the PIN file by single clicking on the file, then click ‘Open’. Alternatively, double click on the file and the upload begins automatically, updating as it progresses.

➢ Wait for the file to upload successfully. Note that while uploading, the update shows at the top of dialogue box.

➢ At the completion of the upload, if successful, upload success information is displayed thus;


➢ Click Ok and ‘Back to Menu’ in the next dialogue box to check the inventory. This will display the available number of pins on each network according to their denominations.


➢ Click on ‘Check Inventory’. This displays the amount of pins available on the inventory for each network in accordance with their denomination.


Summary of Inventory (In Naira)


4. To Print Pins:


Click on ‘Print Batch’, a new menu appears with this information:


Select the Network, Denomination and Number of Vouchers to be printed.

Finally, select the number of pins to print; 10, 20, 30, 40, …… 100 and click ‘Send to Volume Printer’. (Where Thermal Printer is installed, click on the Box ‘ Use Thermal Printer’. This enables - vouchers to be printed using a thermal printer.)

Images of the pins are flashed on the screen while being sent to the printer.

❖ To print more pins, click Cancel and then repeat the above process again and again at up to 1000 pins at a time until pins exhausted or satisfied with number of printed pins for the period.

5. To Delete Printed Inventory

Used pins can be deleted to avoid congestion of the database of the application. To delete used or sold pins;

➢ Go to Administration option by clicking the ‘Admin Options’ button.

➢ Click on ‘Delete Used Airtime’. Select the Network to delete (Celtel, Glo, Starcomms or MTN). ➢ Click ‘Continue’. A box appears requesting your assurance...
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