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Recession Speech

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  • May 2011
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GOodafternoon everybody..
I know u all must be surprised to receive my meeting mail and that too right in the morning. Bt believe me, this meeting is v crucial for all of us at this stage as i kno that u ppl hav a lot many questions, confusions n threats goin on in their minds. I m sure by now u ppl wud hav guessed d issue wich i m goin to address. Yes, i m going to talk abt the ngoing recessionary phase n the d policies wich the management of the company is gon to adopt to sail thru this difficult time.

As we all kno that the global market has been hit big time due to the financial meltdown in US. The situation has been so severe that it has impacted the entire world economy including India. It has hit all companies big n small depending on the amount of business they have from US. N the worst part is that there isn’t much we cann do to solve the problem at this stage as the downturn has led to a complete breakdown of the financial market. Bt the good news is that, there isn’t much to worry about for the employees of r company. I do not mean that we have managed to come out totally untouched by this whole crisis, bt yes, we don’t lose much either. As our business is well diversified all acroos the world and we do not depend only on 1 particular country, we have been able to mitigate the risk to some extent. Bt as i mentioned earlier, that the crisis has impacted each n every economy in some measure or the other, and we r no exceptions. Considering all these factors, the management of the company has come out with some ground breaking rules for the company and its operations for the coming few months. I call them ground breaking as r company do not follow the steps taken by other firms in the industry. We, at flextron, give our employees utmost importance and place their well being over and above anything else. So the management has decided to make sure that flextron will not sack or fire even a single employee however bad the situation outside be. We at...

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