Recession, Rmg Sector of Bangladesh

Topics: Late-2000s recession, International trade, European Union Pages: 133 (48004 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction1
1.1 Origin1
1.2 Background1
1.3 Problem Statement4
1.4 Objectives5
1.6 Scope5
1.7 Limitation6
2.0 Methodology6
2.1 Research Design6
2.2 Data Collection Method6
2.3 Analysis Design7
2.4 Sampling Design8
3.0 Industry Overview10
3.1 Background of the Industry10
3.2 Sales Trend10
3.3 Product Composition11
3.4 Market Composition12
Table 5: US Knit and Woven Imports17
3.5 Competitive Advantages of Bangladesh17
3.6 Disadvantages of Bangladesh19
4.0 Demand-Side Dynamics20
4.1 Major Buyers21
4.2 Factors Influencing Sourcing Decisions22
4.3 Plans of Buyers Regarding Sourcing in Bangladesh26
5.0 Supply-Side Dynamics29
5.1 Major Players29
5.2 Factors Influencing Profitability of Manufacturers30
6.0 Supply Chain Analysis32
6.1 Lead Time32
6.2 Profit Margin34
6.3 Backward Linkage36
6.4 Sourcing of Raw Materials38
7.0 Analysis of Global Recession38
7.1 The US economy39
7.2 The EU economy47
8.0 Recession in Bangladesh50
9.0 RMG sector of Bangladesh during recession54
10.0 Analyses of Psychological factors affecting Buying behavior & Fashion trends of US & EU56
10.1 Buying Behavior57
10.2 Fashion Trend59
11.0 Analysis of changing dollar value and its impact62
11.1 Impact in competitor countries – Where Bangladesh stands?65
11.2 A Hypothetical Case of TRENDSETTERS - a manufacturer of Wal-Mart69
12.0 Analyses of impact of Recession on Profitability & Mode of Payment70
12.1 Order Book Situation71
12.2 Profit Margin81
12.3 Competitiveness91
12.4 Mode of Payment96
13. Growth Potential100
13.1 Sales100
13.2 Product Composition101
13.3 Price101
13.4 Buyer/Market Potential102
14. Market Diversification102
14.1 Current Scenario102
14.2 Comparison of Market Diversification with India and China:104
14.3 Potential Markets of Bangladesh RMG:107
14.4 Market Diversification Strategies:113
15. Product Diversification116
15.1 Current Scenario116
15.2 Need for Product Diversification:122
15.3 Future Potential Products to Be Exported124
15.4 Possible Strategies for Product Diversification:133
16. SWOT Analysis of Main Competitors134
16.1 Pakistan135
16.2 Sri Lanka137
16.3 Vietnam137
16.4 Cambodia139
16.5 China140
16.6 India142
17.0 Analysis of the responses & measures taken by Bangladesh & its competitors to encounter recession143
17.1 Measures Taken143
17.2 Strategies yet to be adopted145
17.3 Required Measures to overcome the effects of global recession146
17.4 Required measures to increase the profitability of RMG industry150
17.5 Current Competitive Advantages of Bangladeshi RMG sector150
17.6 Current shortcomings of Bangladeshi RMG Sector154
18.0 Analysis of recent global recession on the RMG sector of Bangladesh – The Broad Objective157
18.1 Impact of recession on RMG exports of Bangladesh158
18.2 Analysis160
19.0 Research Findings164
20.0 Recommendations166
20.1 Recommendations proposed by Bangladesh Bank166
20.2 Short Term Policies:166
20.3 Long Term Policies167
21.0 Conclusion169

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Origin
This report has been prepared as per the requirement for the course International Business Environment under the instruction of the course instructor Dr. Abu Yousuf M Abdullah, Professor of Institute of Business Administration of University of Dhaka. 1.2 Background

The Ready Made Garments (RMG) industry for a period of time has been the main source of growth in Bangladesh’s export market and also the foremost employment generating sector. The direct contribution to GDP from this is about 11 percent, when compared it is relatively small, but the industry plays key role in employment and in the income provision to the poor class of Bangladesh, employing directly...
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