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Tag, basketball, foursquare, tether ball, kickball, soccer and hopscotch are just a few examples of fun and active games children play during recess. Through games such as these a lot is gained. For instance, team work, sharing, honesty, and other social skills are practiced when playing such games. But not only is the child developing social skills, they are also gaining physical activity. Recess may not be considered as a core class, due to the fact the children are not tested on what they experience during recess, but it should still be taken just as seriously. “...the Department of Education in 2005 estimated that the average recess ranged from almost 28 minutes a day...” (Yeatman 1). An average of 28 minutes a day on the play ground learning and developing social skills is not enough; the average recess time for elementary schools should be around 60 minutes a day. Recess isn't just a much needed break during the day it also helps with the child's physical, social, and cognitive related behaviors.

Physical fitness is always encouraged for children, and should be. Something so important as physical health should be taught at a young age, and encouraged through out the child's life. Not only should an active life style be taught at home, but also at school. Recess is a time where the children have the opportunity to take a step away from the class room and experience time with their fellow classmates. Students get to bond through games and physical activity and not only are the children bonding, but they also are gaining health benefits from doing so. A few examples of physical health benefits due to recess are, “...increased time in physical activity, facilitates proper growth and development, helps prevent weight related diseases, increases bone mineral mass, reducing the chance

of fractures later, and reduces alcohol and tobacco use” (action for healthy kids 5). The recommended time of moderate physical activity for, “children and youth aged 5-17...
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