Having recess for middle schools, at the school I attend the school provides recess for us every Wednesday. Not having recess might be more helpful to the students and the teachers. Current recess days; kids take advantage of the freedom given. During the 20 minutes given for kids to choose to go outside, are taking on the responsibility of being mature about the freedom given. There are some risks that may be the highlight of why schools shouldn’t have recess. Just how the kids jump on top of their friends. Kids get hurt during recess because they don’t think of how they’re actions can affect others around them. Or just simply coming back inside to nosily, how the teachers can’t quiet down their class, and that could disturb the other classes. Just one small mistake can affect the people who choose to go outside. From my past experiences, I’ve seen kids chasing one kid, and once that person caught him, he started to annoy him a lot more. Recess could also have an impact on their work ethics. Fresh air helps you think more clearly than just sitting in a classroom and scratching away at homework. The kid doesn’t have enough fresh air to think about what they just learned.

One reason that recess isn’t a good idea is that many kids hurt themselves while playing outside. The kids get crazy with their friends, and they don’t think about what they’re doing. One example is how there are more visits to the nurses office. Head injuries, scrapes, bumps and bruises. The idea of having recess isn’t a good idea, and the injuries aren’t helping the school. Another example is how kids don’t think before they do. Once someone thinks about what their next action is. Sometimes the thought comes right out, and you regret saying that. It connects to actions that the kids make. Jumping head first into a group. Most of us should know not to jump into their friends head first.

Allowing kids to go outside for 20 minutes, and they come back with red cheeks pleading for water, and...
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