Topics: Iraq War, Howard Zinn, 2003 invasion of Iraq Pages: 3 (790 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Martha Van Kempen
Dr. Plunkett
English 102
May 16, 20012

Final Project/Final Essay

Rebecca Solnit and Howard Zinn are two very important people
and have made a name for them throughout the world. They
have also obtained several awards and have accomplished
many achievements throughout their lives. Howard Zinn
wrote many books and paved an important path for human
rights activist. An interesting book he wrote is called
“Passionate Declarations”, essays on war and justice.
Rebecca Solnit has written on a variety of subjects including the
Environment , politics, place, and art. One of her articles she wrote is
Called “Acts of Hope: Challenging Empire on the World Stage.”
Rebecca Solnit is a writer who lives in San Francisco. She has
been an independent writer since 1988. She credits her
education in journalism and art criticism with strengthening
her critical thinking skills and training her to quickly develop
expertise in the great variety of subjects her books have
covered . Solnit has worked on environmental and human
rights campaigns since the 1980s and with the antiwar
activists throughout the Bushera.

Activism," Solnit writes, "is not a journey to the corner store;
it is a plunge into the dark." Exactly . And history, she adds,
"is like weather, not like checkers. A game of checkers ends.
The weather never does." At the end of a game, she might
have added, it's so simple. You tote up the score, sort out the
winners and losers, close up the board, and go on to
something else. At a pause in history, as at present, if you
tote up the score, close up the board, and go home, you're
making a disastrous mistake.

A lot of the antiwar movement has done that in the wake of
our second Iraq war. And I don't blame them. All those
people marching. All that opposition .And still a war -- and
look at the opinion polls. She wants
us to acknowledge the darkness...
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