Recent Trends in Marketing of Hospital Services

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| | | | | | | | | |Future Trends in Healthcare Industry in India | | | |Growing population, increasing affordability, comparative cheaper treatment costs as opposed to the west and | | | |medical tourism thereof, increased health insurance penetration, increased patient awareness, out-of-the-box | | | |unconventional thinking by the healthcare players for better operations, government opening up its arms to PPP | | | |and even providing tax holidays will be the key factors to look out for which would drive the future of | | | |healthcare in India, according to Dr Akash S Rajpal, Head, Consultancy Services, HOSMAC India Pvt Ltd | | | |According to recent studies conducted, the customer's (patient) aspirations are fast changing. Customers are | | | |growing more aware of their health needs, demand quick response, less waiting times, and above all - demand | | | |nearness of the healthcare unit to them. | | | |Customers though now demand better quality care; they however now do not want to travel much as in earlier days. | | | |And if you notice, the billing and pricing though important, is not a very high priority now as insurance reach | | | |is getting stronger (to the tune of 40 per cent among patients visiting a urban hospital). | | | |If this is the window to the future of healthcare, then it leaves immense opportunity for existing hospitals | | | |across the country to revamp and re-organise in order to woo back their immediate local drainage population as | | | |the competition would heat up soon. The patients would have a lot to choose from, now being insured. | | | |As per various studies including a report by IDFC, and Mc Kinsey, Indian Healthcare industry will be worth $125 | | | |billion in the next five years. | | | |Public spending is likely to increase beyond 20 per cent, there is room for everyone in the organised private | | | |healthcare sector....
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