Reccommendations for Operating Systems

Topics: Microsoft Windows, Windows Vista, Operating system Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Recommendation for Operating System

Out of the multitude of operating systems on the market, my job today is to find the best fit for your company. Upon reviewing what you will be using the OS for I have come up with some suggestions that I think you will find appropriate for your company. You stated that you just purchased over 50 desktop computers. There is very little technical support available, so the cost of licensing is not a problem given that hardware support is to be avoided at all costs. This will not go unnoticed. My recommendation for your company is simple… Windows operating system is ideal for your company. You may ask why? You may also wonder how I am so confident in my recommendation. I can tell you from the years of experience that I have had with Windows, that if you are comfortable paying upfront for the system and the licensing that from there the system is nearly technical support free. This is a HUGE advantage to you and your company for three main reasons, first being the system, second being the support available, and lastly being the versatility. First, I want you to be comfortable with your operating system. You say you want as little technical support as possible. Then why bring in an operating system that you and your employees are not familiar with. Most every person has had some sort of interaction with the Windows Operating System. This is wonderful, because now the user is familiar and can likely trouble shoot their issue. Once you can validate the issue, by visiting the Windows website they offer step by step tutorials on how to solve FAQ’s. This keeps Tech support out of the office. Which is your main concern. Secondly if the support that is offered on the website is not enough, you can talk to someone over the phone, and they will be able to assist you. In the event that you would need that type of assistance Windows is there for you 24/7-365. It is a great feeling to know that someone will be there when you need them....
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