Recalled to Life - Tale of Two Cities

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  • Published : March 29, 2012
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4. The Title “Recalled To life” symbolizes the reawakening of Mr. Lorry into the affairs of another country. When on the mail carriage, Mr. Lorry is sure to keep to himself, and not stir up any trouble. When he decides to finally get out of the carriage and meet with Jerry, he is cautious at first until he recognizes Jerry’s voice. Also, Lucie is “brought back to life” when she finds out her father is not dead. She no longer has the same quiet air that she had composed from the beginning, but instead grabs Mr. Lorry’s wrists and asks to know more. Lucie’s attitude becomes more frantic, and her “bodyguard” must come in, slightly attack Mr. Lorry, and revive the fainted Lucie.

The most recognizable form of “Recalled to Life” is Mr. Manette himself. Coming back from prison, Mr. Manette had already been partially revived, but meeting Lucie completed his goals.

His position as a revolutionary strengthened his cause, and the owners of the bar, Monsier and Madame Defarge. Each example slightly “recalls to life” a different segment and angle on the story.

#5 The family helped to rescue the doctor, Dr. Manette is probably one of the leading revolutionaries that had been captured. The Defarges themselves are powerful people, regulating the influx of needed materials of food and water. To go out of their way to try to get someone else would only occur for family, or for very important people. Mr. Manette himself is also a seasoned veteran, as evident by his rehearsing of his prison cell. In that time, in order to prevent enemy knowledge of upcoming plans, prisoners would recite their “lodging” as to be an answer, to any enemy questions. Also, Mr. Manette has already caused a chain reaction of events, starting with Jerry Cruncher as the messenger for Mr. Jarvis Lorry. Lucie is also trying to use catharsis to help Dr. Manette recuperate from his imprisonment.
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