Rebuttal Essay on Prostiution

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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“Is it Time to Legalize Prostitution, in the United States?”

It may come across as a surprise to some, but prostitution is considered one of the world’s oldest “professions”, and the business continues to thrive today. Although this profession is becoming somewhat accepted, amongst society, legalizing prostitution only creates more problems for the women involved and also the general public; opposed to the intent of improving the conditions, of this industry. A shocking 70% of American, female inmates were reported to have initially been arrested for committing the crime, of prostitution. (Prostitution) The issue, concerning the growing size of this illegal industry, has caught the world’s attention. This is significantly due to the underlying issues that come along with prostitution, and the overall negative impact it tends to create. Many are worried about the harsh conditions and brutality involved, while some are more concerned about arguments, based on economics and the constitutional freedoms of “consenting adults”. (Swift) The question is: whether or not the sex industry would become a safer place to work, and lead to a decrease, in the violence, arrest, and abuse rates amongst these sex workers, if it were no longer considered a crime? Or would legalizing prostitution lead to more strenuous conditions, amongst the prostitutes, and initially create an influx amongst human traffickers? Not everyone agrees on what is morally or ethically right, when considering the legalization, of prostitution in the United States, and still remains a question to many. Although incarcerating sex slaves has not shown to create any known decreases in the industry’s demand, legalizing prostitution has not either proven to be a solution because studies prove it tends to create a long-standing tolerance, amongst buying and selling sex in society. Just because prostitution may not affect one person, does not mean it does not completely damage another. Prostitution...
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