Rebuilding Brand Strategy

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Rebuilding the Brand Strategy of L’Oreal for Men
in Mainland China

Chao Li
17 October, 2008

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I wish to acknowledge the support and guidance received throughout the basic research, analysis and drafting of this dissertation.

Firstly, I wish to sincerely acknowledge the staff of our department at Oxford Brookes University, in particular my project supervisor, Mr. Gibbs, who has provided me professional advice and enthusiastic guidance during the development of this project.

I also wish to acknowledge the support received from the brand manager of L’Oreal Mainland China, Ms Chen Fang, through her thoughtful assistance and precious time.

Lastly, I wish to thank my friends and family for their help and support throughout this research.

This dissertation aims to identify the ways to rebuild L’Oreal’s brand strategy for men in Mainland China. Introduction With the progress in economic development in Mainland China has come an evolution in male social behavior as regards attention and care for personal appearance. Chinese men, particularly in the main cosmopolitan centers, have become more sensitive to their skincare. L’Oreal, with a well-known brand of cosmetics for female skincare, has been very successful in capturing this growing market in China. The company is currently redefining its branding strategy for products aimed at men. Mainland China is a very large market for many products, and particularly for cosmetics, whose consumption is very much dependent on population size and purchasing power. This dissertation starts with an analysis of skincare products for men in Mainland China, and of the present market penetration of L’Oreal for Men. This is followed by a literature review, mentioning the most relevant theories of brand development and management strategies for consumer products, analyzing the current brand strategy of L’Oreal for Men as regards its internal environment, its external environment and trade constraints. Finally, the dissertation focuses on recommendations to rebuild the brand strategy of L’Oreal for Men in Mainland China, covering the following aspects: brand renaming,...
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