Rebellious Music and Youth

Topics: Columbine High School massacre, Violence, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold Pages: 4 (1053 words) Published: November 17, 2007
Music plays a considerable and fundamental role in the youth culture. It affects their mood, the way they speak, the way they dress, and even the friends they hang out with. With music being such a big influence in their lives, one cannot help but wonder what kind of impacts degrading and rebellious music has on youth nowadays. The truth is rebellious music represents two sides of the same coin, an avenue for emotional freedom and identity, as well as a catalyst for violent behavior in youth.

Rock and rap music have been constantly under public scrutiny for promoting sex, drugs and violence. Rock and rap have become synonymous with rebellious conduct in the minds of parents. Among them are traditionalists who strongly hold the belief that such music is a one-way ticket to aggressive and even violent behavior in youth. This has led to musicians such as Eminem, Dr Dre, and Marilyn Manson being heavily criticized for their radical image as well as the lyrical contents in their music. Since rock and rap music depicts so much negativity, why are youths all around the world so fascinated with them?

The Pursuit of Freedom and Identity
Rebellious music is often an instrument for adolescents to manage their emotions. Youths of today face enormous pressures from vast sources, from their studies, to their friends, and even their family. Such pressures usually breed feelings of frustration, anger, and vulnerability. However, through music, many of them are able to relieve stress after channeling these negative emotions into the songs. This not only helps them to attain emotional balance they so badly need, but also emancipate them from the harsh reality of life.

Many teenagers have the common perception of "you are what you listen to". They see themselves as being identified by the kind of music they listen to. In the normalcy of their lives, many of them want to have a sense of being empowered, to break out of their mold, and to be somebody they can never be....
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