Rebellion of 1837

Topics: Canada, Lower Canada Rebellion, Quebec Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: November 22, 2012
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Rebellion of 1837

After learning about the rebellion of 1837 and constantly taking notes, I realized the rebellion was not successful in overturning the government but it did unite both Upper and Lower Canada together. This was able to take away any differences of the two cultures, English and French. The impact did not happen immediately as intended though. In fact it caused the government to get back at the reformers and concentrate more on their punishment such as transportation, hanging, flogging and deaths for the rebels, instead of working on fixing the colony. You can tell that Canada had a serious political problem that was in desperate need to be improved. When the Chateau Clique and the reformers squared off against each other, the British did nothing to ease tension. They appointed James Craig, an anti-French as governor just to arrest those who criticized the government and brought soldiers to intimidate the French. The French Canadians disapproved of the British democracy and found it very difficult to accept. There were numerous reasons why many French Canadians resented the government. Three important ones were because of how discriminative economically and politically the government was of their language and culture, how they were given unequal taxation, and for their lack in power over the government. Although, this all happened in Lower Canada. The rebellion in Upper Canada was to bring an American style democracy because they, as well as the people in Lower Canada, believed that their government were discriminative against the French. The reason why I believe the rebellion in both Lower and Upper Canada was unsuccessful because they did not have any reasonable impact on any British colonies immediately. To begin with, the Rebellion in Upper Canada failed miserably because of their lack of military experience. Many rebellions were killed during battle and several were arrested. Some even fled to America, they were no...
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