Rebecca- Tell Tale Heart Comparative Essay

Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, Gothic fiction, The Tell-Tale Heart Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Rebecca and the Tell Tale Heart Comparative Essay

Alfred Hitchcock successfully incorporates Gothic conventions within the film Rebecca, based on Daphne De Maurier’s novel written in 1938.Likewise, Edgar Allan Poe’s ability to incorporate Gothic themes within his short story ‘The Tell Tale Heart’, published in 1843, has been a success. Although both their abilities to create Gothic Compositions has been successful, their techniques used to incorporate Gothic conventions within them are both similar and different. Similarities arise when observing the Gothic theme of obsession in that both the texts obsession is explored to the point of madness. Alternatively, the techniques used to explore the Gothic theme of death and loss within both texts contrast, in terms of its effect. This is shown through key scenes in the film Rebecca , and certain extracts from the text the ‘Tell Tale Heart’.

While viewing the film Rebecca, Mrs Danvers’ obsession with the Rebecca becomes evident during her speech of honouring reference towards Rebecca, and the music fluctuations in the background while the new Mrs De Winter explores Rebecca’s room for the first time. During Mrs Danver’s honouring conversation with Mrs De Winter, Hitchcock utilises the musical technique of crescendo to portray the growing obsession with Rebecca that becomes clearer with each new reference uttered from her mouth. Just as Mrs Danver’s reaches for the door, she effectively ends her momentary visit with words that only emphasise her subconscious obsession with Rebecca to the point of madness; “You wouldn't think she'd been gone so long, would you? Sometimes, when I walk along the corridor, I fancy I hear her just behind me. That quick light step, I couldn't mistake it anywhere. It's not only in this room, it's in all the rooms in the house. I can almost hear it now”.

Edgar Allan Poe uses narration in first person, within the ‘Tell Tale Heart’ to adequately describe the persona’s obsession within...
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