Rebecca's Structure (Daphne Du Maurier)

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Explain the effectiveness of the structure of the text, Rebecca Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca is structured in a circular form, which is effective in displaying elements of the gothic genre and producing a sense of mystery and ambiguity. The fact that details are revealed gradually creates tension, and a desire to know, so that by the end of the novel the audience is satisfied with the complete story, despite the horrific truth regarding Rebecca’s murder. The text virtually revolves around a murder By using a BAB form, with a reference to the ending at the beginning of the novel, a sense of confusion and abstruseness is evoked among readers. The first chapter, in which the narrator supernaturally returns to Manderley, relives her experiences and mourns for the loss of such an exquisite property, is perplexing for the reader as the scene, characters and setting have not been established. This causes the audience to disregard the first chapter, as the second chapter begins with an entirely different setting and mood. Upon reaching the end of the novel, the reader grasps the meaning of the dream sequence, and the forgotten abstruseness is resolved. The audience is left content with all details of the story revealed, but, like most gothic tales, also chilled and unsettled with the shocking conclusion. Rebecca shows elements of the horror genre through the structure, in which the details are revealed throughout the story, by being analogous to many crime shows of today. In television programs such as CSI, a section of the fictional offense is shown, after which the team investigates the murder or other wrongdoing, and eventually discovers the callous yet complete truth. This order of events matches exactly with those in Rebecca, and it has the effect that we have an idea of the story, but become alarmed yet intrigued as more shocking details are revealed. The text is structured in a way that the scene is set and elaborated on throughout the book as...
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