Reasons Why Women Do and Dont Wear Make-Up

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  • Published : September 7, 2011
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English 1101
March 7, 2011 Women wear different things to make them feel good or more attractive. In this essay I’m going to compare and contrast why some women wear make-up vs. women who don’t wear make-up .Everyone has their reasons on why they don’t wear make-up and why they do .Some women say make-up makes them more attractive. While most women who don’t wear it say they look younger without it. But in actuality there is really an equal amount of reasons why they do/don’t wear it. First, women who wear make-up usually have several reasons why they wear it. Some say they do it because they think it makes them more attractive and more feminine. Make- up also hides what they don’t like about themselves. Some women enhance their beauty with make-up. A good example of that is a woman with pretty eyes can wear eyeliner to make her eye’s stand out. But that statement about enhancing beauty can go both ways and be on both sides of the argument. Eighty-eight percent of women in the U.S wear make-up. I think most might wear it to look a certain kind of way. In some cases I think it has something to do with the media to because the most beautiful women in the world people usually have on pounds of make- up so many women try to look just as beautiful and turn to make-up. I also think if make-up makes you beautiful they why not wear it. On cold days, it protects and moisturizes your skin to help reduce the drying effects of the cold air. Make up protects your skin from the city air and gas that fill your pores and give you blackheads and other zits. Most women wear it because they think it’s just plain out fun to wear and apply it. A woman stated in her teenage years she started wearing make-up because of her acne and never stopped wearing it. Some women have been wearing make-up for so long they feel like a different person when they have it off...
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