Reasons Why Welfare Doesn't Always Work

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  • Published : December 4, 2011
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Amanda Smith

Today in America, there are thousands of Americans are welfare for different reasons. Whether people lost their job and can’t afford their necessities, or possibly they don’t have motivation to get a job and want to live off the government’s money. It could be that there is a single mother of two children who simply can’t afford the necessities for her children and herself even with a job, or maybe their handicapped or they are older and aren’t healthy enough to work and provide for themselves. Welfare is a program created by the government to improve the financial situation of people in need. Many people today in America who are on welfare are abusing the program, whether they don’t find a job and continue to stay on welfare for years, or spend money on drugs or something not needed instead of paying bills and buying necessary items. Other programs like Medicare and food stamps, to the elderly or the people that really need this help, are getting denied because they don’t qualify but yet they are barely providing for themselves or they can’t provide. Some of these programs that the government has created are not working the way they were meant to.

Welfare is supposed to be good and helpful but it’s being seen as wasteful, not worth it by others, and simply has other issues that the government is in need of solving. It is supposed to be helping people such as single mothers get back on their feet, however many are abusing this help and having more children to continue receiving welfare money for a long period of time. People are not supposed to be on welfare for a long period of time, this program was meant to help people out temporarily so they could get back to work and provide for themselves, soon though, not years later (wikipedia). However, it is making some people lazier by getting money just to sit at home and do nothing. Some people are not motivated to get a job, or simply do not want a job and would prefer to live on welfare for years...