Reasons Why Taxation on Payroll Should Not Occur

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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What is Up with Having Payroll Taxes?
Taxation on payroll is affecting many people in their everyday lives. There are several reasons why taxation on payroll should not occur. These reasons include money going to welfare and funding government programs; which in this case, is taking away money from the food and shelter costs. Payroll should not be taxed for several reasons. Some reasons include expensive government funding programs, welfare, and taking from everyday living costs. This essay will explain what payroll taxes are, what is happening because of payroll taxation, and also what are other ways to tax individual other than on payroll. To begin, the idea of taxation on payrolls can cause several different viewpoints. Payroll taxes are taxes that are taken from one’s total paycheck amount each time the employee is paid. For example, when a citizen works, their total paycheck will be taxed. So, there is money being deducted from the overall total. Payroll tax consists of federal taxes, state taxes, government taxes, Medicare, social security and much more. Studies today have shown more than seventy percent of US families are paying more in payroll taxes than in federal income taxes (Blaricom). This shows that citizens are being taxed more for working, compared to what they are for federal income taxes. Another reason why the taxation on payroll should be stopped is because they are taking money from employees’ paychecks in order to pay for welfare and other government funding programs. The reason why this idea is unfair is because if one has to work to make money, why is the government taking one’s pay to provide it to others who chose not to obtain a job? These programs made by the government fund the citizens who need money for food and shelter. Therefore, payroll taxes are taxes on an employee’s paycheck. These taxes go towards government spending and redundant government funding programs (Ditmer). Furthermore, taxation on payroll is...
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