Reasons Why Older Employees Are Often Resistant to Change.

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  • Published : April 16, 2008
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Speaking of a change, is doubt that most of the people in the world will be undelightful hearing of it. That is a normal nature of how people respond to change at first. But later, when they finally realized the benefits of change, they might be considering themselves getting involves to it.

First, lets look to the following figure which I took it from the internet. The figure of 25 companies’ reports shows the distribution of scores on 1 to scale of participants which they were asked to rate their organization’s ability to change.

So, from the figure above we can say that people or in this case employees are reluctant to change initially but they are not totally resist to it.
But for the topic given, according to the ability to change, I have to divide the group of employees into two; older employees and the younger employees. One of the reasons of why older employees are often resist to change are they think that they are better than the youngers! So, for them, they will feel that why do they have to obey the change while they are already good especially if the manager are younger than them. Somehow it will boost their egos.

Next is older generations or employees are not very open up to changes of technologies which most of the changes nowadays by any company are related to technologies. For example, the usage of a computer. When a company wants to start using computers, which coincidentally most of the employees are from older generations, they at first will get reluctant or resist to use computer instead of typewriter because they are used to those typewriters. Plus they believe change is unnecessary or will make the situation worse. Besides the reasons why older employees are often resistant to change may include lack of faith in their ability to learn new skills.

As for younger employees, actually they are not that tolerant towards change. There are still some of the changes they often resists by slightly different reasons with the older’s....
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