Reasons Why France Fell Swiftly in 1940

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  • Published : September 29, 2005
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The purpose of my paper is to answer the question of ‘why did France fall so swiftly in 1940'? Why did this mighty nation succumb to the Germans so quickly? If the Germans had failed in their conquest it is very possible that the war would have ended right there. But their victory in France eventually drew the entire world into war. I will delve into the problems that plagued the nation and come up with an analysis of why France surrendered only six weeks after the invasion of Germany.

From the Third Republic to the Popular Front, which tied together both Liberals and Socialists, France was very much divided politically. The French were forced to surrender after many military defeats. The major cause of these victories of Germany is that France's army was, overall, very weak and infested with problems. When Hitler set his mind on conquering the nations of France the French army was no match for Hitler's war machine. The Nazis possessed an amazing fighting ability, as the French were not agile and very slow moving. The Germans also had very advanced tanks and, again, very good war tactics. The French also had armored vehicles and aircraft, but they were poorly managed. The French commanders were constantly confused, as for the opposing side, the German commanders were great leaders and were very decisive in their actions. These conditions made the morale of the French very low.

I will also argue the point that the intelligence of France was not well organized and very inefficient. They were also not good at relaying this information to the correct people and transferring it into policy. Also, French intelligence was not good at analyzing or interpreting the information they received. France did not have any strong alliances before the invasion. A major reason for their defeat is that the French could never exactly pin down where the main thrust of the German army would come from. This sometimes left the best soldiers against nothing, while the worst soldiers...
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