Reasons Why Colleges Should Ban Smoking

Topics: Smoking, Passive smoking, Smoking ban Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: September 26, 2011
Campus Life Up In Smoke

College is a place for everyone to step into a new chapter in life. Everyone is making new friends and studying hard. Most of the students do not realize that many students smoke tobacco. Students walking to class while smoking is not an uncommon thing to see on campus. It is disgusting and many hold their breath trying not to inhale the second hand smoke. Bowling Green administrative department should be handling this issue by designating areas around campus for people to smoke so others will not be bothered. The administration should take action by polling students and democratically finding a solution to the problem at hand. This action will help keep the campus clean and make it more attractive.

Smoking is bad for other peoples’ health and their schooling environment due to the fact that it is a health hazard and should not be sanctioned on school property. People are seen smoking nearly everywhere on campus. Smoking is bad for the health of others around said smokers. The secondhand smoke is essentially worse because it is the smoke that can cause a long term illness or death. Smoking not only is harmful to others lungs but some are sensitive to the smoke in terms of getting it in their eyes and mouth. A simple cigarette butt that lies on the ground harms the environment. Looking around campus, we all see little animals roaming around. These animals can easily ingest the butt of a cigarette and cause harm or even death to our wildlife on campus. The animals could pollute the campus if deceased and cause unsightly scenery. That tiny little butt can even put a punch to the environment by causing fire hazards. A cigarette can easily cause fires, whether outside of facilities, on foliage, or in the living quarters. The butts can simply make the campus appearance highly unattractive. Things like environmental health and sensitivity to smoke should be taken into consideration around the campus.

Smoking is not attractive...
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