Reasons to Travel Overseas and to Live in a Foreign Country

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  • Published : October 27, 2010
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David Brosnan
October, 7,2010

Why We Should Travel Overseas Despite some inconveniences and sacrifices I do not resent having grown up in South Africa. Although most people would shun the idea of living overseas, traveling around the world and growing up in a foreign country has taught me a lot. My experiences have broadened my knowledge, made me more appreciative, and taught me to care about the needs of others. I believe every young person should travel to a foreign country.

It is amazing how much we can learn by traveling to a foreign country. Traveling forces us to give up familiar things such as running water and to adjust to a new way of life. After arriving in a foreign country you are immediately overwhelmed by new smells, sights and sounds. Everything, from the way the people dress, to the unique smells, seems different. Although it can be quite a culture shock at first, it is amazing how quickly we adapt to our new surroundings. One difficulty I had to adjust to was the lack of heating and air conditioning in the South African homes. Those hot summers with no air conditioning were quite a challenge at first, but I found that the less I complained about it the less I noticed the heat.

One of the biggest hardships after arriving in a foreign country is communicating with the people. You will quickly learn how to speak a foreign language when you can not understand anyone around you. I remember the frustration of knowing people were talking about me, but not knowing what they were saying. You will also have to learn to exchange money and purchase goods. Every country's economy is different, and it is important that you become educated in knowing how to buy. Every country has its own rich history and culture. Reading about other Brosnan,2

countries or watching some news program on tv will not give you a true appreciation unless you witness it yourself. I found learning about new...
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