Reasons to Support School Uniforms

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  • Published : July 25, 2008
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Reasons to Support School Uniforms
The issue of implementing a school uniform policy has both strong supporters and opposition. This is a controversial and lingering subject facing many of our public school systems throughout the nation. This issue is so hot and controversial that when the school board of Polk County, Fl voted into effect a school uniform policy, 154 families filed a lawsuit in attempt to defend their rights ( Anderson,n.d). Yet when former President Clinton Expressed his support for school uniforms in a March 1996 speech, he was applauded by thousands (Atkins, 1996). Those in favor of uniforms claim there are many advantages to instituting them such as, a cost savings by eliminating name brand clothing, student security, school morale, and by simplifying daily school preparation. Throughout this paper the pros regarding school uniforms will be addressed and show supporting evidence and details to why school uniforms will improve schools learning environment.

One of the pros would be a cost savings to parents. Many students today are pressured by the present American youth and pop cultures to dress a particular way. This also means wearing a particular brand of clothing. Due to the popularity of the name brand clothing it is usually extremely costly to consumers. Many companies such as Lands End, JC Penny, Sears, Kmart, and The Gap, have designed a school uniform line that is both affordable and durable for parents and students (Atkins and Schlosberg, 1996). According to teachers in Long Beach, CA, the standard attire worn by students have constructed a more effective learning environment by curbing gang tension and the polarization associated with name brand clothing (Kelly, 2006).School uniforms can also reduce conflict stemming from socio-economic status. For example, comments and personal attacks about whom have better clothing and so on. According to Pamela Hoffler Riddick, principle of Ruffner Middle School when everyone is dressed the...
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