Reasons to Hug

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  • Published : March 28, 2012
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Reasons to Hug

Feels good…chases away loneliness…opens doors to feelings…overcomes fears…builds self esteem…slows down aging…helps curb appetites…eases tension…fights insomnia…keeps arm and shoulder muscles in condition…provides stretching if you are short or bending exercise of you are tall…offers a healthy alternative to alcohol and other drugs…is democratic-anyone is eligible for a hug…is energy efficient…requires no special equipment…makes impossible days possible…and is ecologically sound.

1 Rules for Hugging

Hugs are non-sexual – use compassion, not passion.
Get permission to give a hug (“Would you like a hug?”)
Ask permission if you want a hug (“May I please have a hug?”) Always remember to communicate!!!

2 Theory of the Healing Touch

Touch is needed for our physical, as well as emotional well being. Scientific research supports that touch can help us improve our self image, have a positive effect on children’s language development and IQ, and causes measurable physiological differences in the toucher and touchee.

We need 4 hugs a day for survival…8 hugs a day for maintenance…12 hugs a day for growth.

abrazo – knus- knuffel – hug – kram – etreinte – umarmung – abbraccio – klem…. hugs speak a universal language!

1 Types of Hugs

A-frame hug
Ankle hug
Back to front hug
Bear hug
Check to cheek hug
Custom tailored hug
Grabber-squeezer hug
Group hug
“Guess Who?” hug
Heart centered hug
Sandwich hug
Side to side hug
Top of the head hug
Visualization hug
Zen hug

1 Hugs Communicate:



Self worth

“The greatest sense in our body is touch” - J. Lionel Tayler

“As we become more spontaneous huggers and find such inner riches, the fees seem relatively small.”

“We are complex beings. We may not be able to choose how we feel, but we can choose how we act or speak in response to our feelings.”...
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