Reasons to be a Nurse

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I love the idea that I choose to pursue the dream of becoming a nurse. I love being around children and helping other that are hurt. My daughter and my sister have inspired me to become a better person. I have chosen that the best career for me would be a Pediatric Nurse. Being a Pediatric Nurse would benefit me. I would have a variety of job opportunities, flexible hours and last but not least you would get to make a great and rewarding salary. First, as a Pediatric Nurse I would have an excellent and flexible schedule to choose from. While having a child and being a single mom a flexible work schedule will be excellent for me and her. To me working whatever hours I like would really benefit me because I would be able to spend more quality time with my baby girl who means the world to me. My baby girl is the reason why I want to accomplish this goal. Secondly, there is a wide variety of job opportunities to choose from such as a hospital, clinic, school, nursing home, and travel nurse. As a Pediatric Nurse I will have the opportunity to choose a position in the nursing field such as a staff nurse, floor charge nurse, floor unit manager, director of nursing and many more to choose from. When I become a Pediatric Nurse I would like to work in a hospital. I won’t to work with the babies. Being around children makes me feel on top of the world. Last, working as a Pediatric Nurse, I would make a great salary. I can make on an average of $40,000. For me making a nurses salary would truly benefit me. I would not have to live paycheck to paycheck. I would be able to support my family. I would not have to depend on anyone to support my family. All of these reasons have influenced my decision on becoming a Pediatric Nurse. The salary a nurse makes is awesome. I love having money in my pocket and a nurse would be an excellent career to pursue. But, the most important reason I am choosing to become a nurse is to support my family.
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