Reasons of K Pop Popularity Among Filipino Teenager

Topics: K-pop, Pop music, Bubblegum pop Pages: 7 (2057 words) Published: March 29, 2012

A Research Paper
Presented to
Prof. Pangan
Rizal Technological University

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements
In English 2

Lipalam, Mikielyn G.

March 29, 2012

Topic outline

Thesis: K pop truly captured the hearts of Filipinos, that’s why once you are
k pop, you’ve never stop.

A.K pop or Korean pop music convention
B.Koreans culture
1.People (Koreans)
3.Korean language
C.Culture Invasion
II.Popularity of Korea
A.K pop music
1.Influences from hip hop and R&B
2.Fun dance moves
3.Theme song from “telenovelas”
B.K pop artist
1.Various talents
2.Physical appearance as well as their nice hearts.
3.Idolization of fans
a.Loyal fans
b.Diehard fans
III.Music, videos and artist in a particular Korean groups. A.Popular boy groups and artist
1.Super junior
B.Popular girl groups and artist
1.Wonder girls
3.Girls generation
Most Filipino teenagers love k pop because of Korean nice
culture at the same time their nice sound of music, this positive
influence of k pop to most Filipinos is the reason why they can’t
stop love Koreans.

The Korean popular music, or the Korean pop or simply k pop is a musical genre consisting of electronic hip hop, pop rock, and R&B music originating in South Korea. Huyhn (2011) defined k pop as for Korean pop music that covers a wide variety of contemporary music including pop, hip hop, and R&B, dance-pop. Bubblegum pop, house, electro pop, and techno. Due to the big wave of success, k pop became so popular not only in South Korea but also to other parts of the world especially here in the Philippines. Numerous k pop groups like shinee, 4 minute, ft islands, super junior, ukiss, best, kim hyun joong and rain visited the Philippines to perform. In addition, more than two thousand k pop fans gathered for the first ever Philippine k pop convention held in the Philippine international convention center last December 10, 2009 (Alanzalon, 2011). As the idols or the Korean artist has their own groups, fans also their own groups, that the fans make group for talking about their idols, share some information about this artist etc. meaning this groups only showing their love for their idols. Filipinos most teenagers do like Koreans not only with their popular music’s and artist but also the culture. As Neigoff (1994), studied that Koreans are actually and varcially homogeneous people. They have a common language and like the Chinese and the Japanese there are mongoloid descent. Koreans are known as using chopsticks for solid foods rather than spoon and pork. As here in the Philippines the main dish I or the favorite dish is adobo, in Korean their most popular dish is kimchi that is consider as diet typical dishes. Korean is not closely related I any other modern language, spoken Korean is soft and lifting (Neigoff, 1994). Truly that most Filipino teenage have their in cell Phone, mp3, pc, the songs of Korean. It doesn’t matter to them if their pronunciation of the song is not correct, as long as they know the tune of it. Most Filipinos sang the Korean songs without even know what is the meaning of it. Culture Invasion

Villoja & Lucceanne (2011) says in a periodical that Korean started entering the music industry more than $ 400,000 just to train and launched a new artist, and to guarantee the probability of their success. From solo act of taeyang of wedding dress song and boy bands such as super junior and beast, and girl groups as wonder girls that hit the # 1 spot in US billboard hot 100 chart with the single album of “nobody”, each of them was brought...
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