Reasons of Abortion

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Fetus Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: March 8, 2011
Abortion is indeed a big issue in many aspects. What are the real reasons why many women engage in such kind of procedure? Abortion nowadays is being practiced in many countries for some reason: to lessen the population growth, to give women the privilege to live without guilt and to prevent teenagers from having their lives ruined by an untimely pregnancy.

Abortion can be the solution for the continuous growth of population. Nowadays, the issue of overpopulation is very rampant. The population is increasing rapidly. The government didn’t know how to minimize this problem except with the help of family planning and abortion that somehow legalize in other countries. An example of this is China. Abortion is being imposed by the government allowing individuals the freedom to determine the number of children they desire to have. Many female babies are aborted once sex is determined. Through this kind of practiced, the growth of population will be diminished. If this issue left uncontrolled, population growth will be out of control.

In some cases, abortion is a choice for women who want to live without guilt of having an unexpected baby. Panic is the usual initial reaction of women who had sex with their opposite sex and result to an unwanted baby. Committing an abortion can also cause guiltiness for some expectant mothers but not for all. Women have the choice to choose whether they want to let the fetus be born or not. It can also be the solution for women, especially for teenage girls who don’t want to disappoint their parents from having a child. Not in all aspect women want to terminate her baby but also with the influence of the guy, who is as well responsible for it. Males have mainly supported the idea of abortion because it was an easy way to end an unwanted pregnancy that is considered as selfishness without considering the risk of having an abortion.

Teenage abortion is a major issue in a teenager’s life. Many teenage girls choose to abort the fetus...
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