Reasons Nokia Success

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  • Published : July 19, 2009
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In spite of the presence of big names in consumer electronics like Samsung, LG, Sony-Ericsson and Motorola, Nokia really rules the mobile phone market all over the world with nearly 40% of the market share with no close competitors. Nokia is certainly the king when it comes to brand value, service and experience. The Finnish mobile giant is clearly No. 1 choice in South East Asia including India and China. How they could reach the top position? Let’s find out.

1. Call Quality

Nokia is known for its circuitry to handle the RF Reception and providing the best call reception quality. You won’t see users complaining much about the noise or the disturbances within Nokia phones unless its a problem of the telecom service provider. So, the primary objective of a mobile phone i.e. to serve us with better and clearer sound when we talk , is served by Nokia perfectly. And if you are a person who is accustomed to other mobile phone manufacturers, then you know that even Apple iPhone and Sony Ericsson are guilty of it.

2. Hardware
You can be assured of the quality that Nokia provides in your phone hardware. The circuits are far more durable and reliable than any of the other mobile phone available in the market. I am using a single Nokia phone for 6 years and I had to take it to the service centre only once during this period for a trivial problem. That speaks for the truth I am talking about.

3. Battery

The Battery life of Nokia mobile phones is longer than many other cellphones available in the market. People who talk a lot prefer Nokia than any other brands. They always know that the battery will not run out in the middle of the call. iPhone has had this problem with battery life in the past and that hasn’t been solved yet. Nokia leaves others miles behind when we consider the longevity of the battery.

4. Robustness
Everyone knows that Nokia mobiles are truly rock solid. I want to share my experience with respect to this. I dropped my Nokia the very...
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