Reasons for Unemployment

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Reasons for Unemployment

By | August 2012
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Reasons for Unemployment
A person is said to be unemployed if he or she is looking for work or is willing to work at the prevailing wage but is unable to find the job.Our country is said to be progressing in economy, but on one side Unemployment is pulling it backwards.Today it is the second highest populous country in the world, we have over 1.15 billion people in our country and so is the increasing rate of unemployment .We have both educated-uneducated, skilled-unskilled unemployed youths both in urban and rural areas. India is passing through the Stage of Population Explosion .In the set up of a modern market economy, there are many factors, which contribute to unemployment.Causes of unemployment are varied. Population increase:Population had a great impact on unemployment rates because the number of opportunities available are much lesser than the population in India.Many think more the number of children ,more is the source of can say, this is the main reason for unemployment . Illegal immigrants: Illegal immigrants is a big Problem for the citizens because Illegal immigrants don't mind working for a minimal wage because they come from the areas where they had nothing and they are ready to work anywhere because they think that “something is better than nothing”. The Illegal immigrants take all the jobs that the legal citizens don't want to take because of the low wage and that is causing a lot of people to have no jobs, no money.So they have become a big problem for the citizens influencing a lot on poverty and unemployment. Bad economic trend:The increased prices of every commodity in these days has the effect on people’s life style and it has worsened the condition of a poor person.Big organisations are in a threat of loosing and are withdrawing from paying wages and so decreased the number of workers and finally many even closed their company. Many lost their jobs and became homeless, increasing the poverty and unemployment rates in India.The...

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