Reasons for Not Implementing Environment-Friendly Technology

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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The United States political community, also known as the government, has not attempted to implement higher-mileage and more environmentally friendly technology as a long-term strategic and economic policy because it would put gas companies out of business or in debt. This has been a debatable problem for more than thirty years. Carter, Nixon, and Bush, all of which are well-known presidents, spoke about gas, oil, and the problem that have come along with them. If the gas companies go out of business, then it could possibly affect other businesses. Some of those business are foreign, but America depends on foreign energy to strive. Those who have tried to create more environmentally friendly technology has seemed to disappear from the face of the Earth. Gas Hole, a revealing documentary that opens the eyes of viewers to the secrets that oil and gas companies do not want consumers to know, tells the stories of some of those individuals. One of which is a man who invented a pattern of a Buick Road Master that could run one hundred miles off of one measly gallon of gas. There were many witnesses to this invention, and they also watched it disappear. Shell claimed that he can make no more than one million dollars for it and bought it off of him. Another was about Tom Ogal, a twenty-four year old mechanic who was found dead in the city of El Paso. They claimed it was because if an overdose of drugs and alcohol, but he just happened to not want to sell a car. This car, in particular, could run at 1,000 miles to the gallon only off of vapor. It is obvious that the oil companies were upset at the fact that Ogal would not sell his life-changing car, and therefore, had to "take him out". Gas and Oil really had a negative effect on the Earth. It was said in the documentary, "50% of pollution occurs because of automobiles...transportation takes up three-fourths of oil usage." It is the responsibility of people to do something about the ridiculousness that is currently...
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