Reasons for Honoring American Patriots

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  • Published : March 18, 2011
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Why American Patriots should be honored

There are many reasons why American Patriots should be honored in the United States. For example, they risk there lives each and every day for us, by fighting for our freedom and democracy. They are not afraid to die for the country they live in and love. Another reason they should be honored is that they are also teachers. They teach us many things like how to be leaders. They show us how to be a leader when they have to lead others in combat and in every day life. American patriots also show us how to be brave American patriots should be honored because they do so many things for the. I think they are brave because when they join a military line of duty. They know full well the risks that they are taking, and the sacrifices that they are making. Some of the things that they are sacrificing are their time, family, friends, and most importantly there lives. American patriots do what they do for little money and recognition for there country. If you think about it how many times have you stopped and thought to yourself and said “I am thankful for this country’s patriots” probably not a lot. I know I do not. Not many people realize it but many of our country’s military members and civil servants earn well below the poverty level. A lot of families have to be on government programs like food stamps and WIC. It is very sad that these men and women give all and receive so little. They do so much for us and cannot even afford to take care of their families. When people volunteer to join the military they miss many important things. Some things they miss are their children’s births, school performances, birthdays, and anniversaries. They also miss the deaths of family members.

That’s what I think of when I think about why American patriots should be honored. They should be honored d because they are brave people, teachers, believers, and heroes. Someday I wish I could be like those men and women that help to keep our...
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