Reasons for Crime

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Theory paper
Intro into Criminology
Professor Jacobs
Ivy Tech
Samantha Petri

I believe crime occurs because of either need or lack of structure. For example, if someone is in need of money whether for their drug addiction or to be able to feed themselves and/or their families. Also I believe that when anyone has an unstructured life they tend to do whatever they feel like. With an unstructured environment people do not know respect for authority nor rules therefore they are prone to commit crimes.

There is a theory that is called General Strain created and researched by Cohen, Cloward, Ohlin, and Agnew. The theory states “When individuals cannot obtain success goals (money, status in school), they experience strain or pressure. Under certain conditions, they are likely to respond to this strain through crime. The strains leading to crime, however, may not only be linked to goal blockage (or deprivation of valued stimuli) but also to the presentation of noxious stimuli and the taking away of valued stimuli. Crime is a more likely response to strain when it results in negative affect (anger and frustration).”(Criminology Theories Summary). This theory coincides with my first reason as to why crime occurs that I stated in my opening paragraph. I fully believe in this theory. If you ever listen to an interview with someone who has committed a crime, most of the time they state the need they had fulfilled whether emotionally, physically, or mentally. An example would be Charlie Sheen and during his interview he had said that he was tired of being pushed around and so he let loose. Because of all the attention he received, he not only gave his message but received the attention he wanted and made more money then he would have gotten if he had kept to himself. There is one thing that this theory does not take into consideration, and that’s the human spirit. We as humans have free will we make the decisions on how we act and we decide what we...
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