Reasons for Choosing Fidm

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Reasons for choosing FIDM
Almost all people have to choose a professional career for their lives. There are different kinds of fields and careers such as educational fields (teachers, tutors, lecturers, professors), lawyers, doctors, designers, scientists etc… I have been interesting in Fashion Design since I was young. At that time, Fashion major was not that popular in my country, Burma. Fortunately, my father has been living in the USA for several years. Therefore, I decided to go to the USA in my tens. I faced many difficulties to immigrate to the USA because of the visa problems.

I have been living in San Francisco for three months. Speaking English is not that difficult for me because I would speak English and learn English a lot since I was three. However, I have tried to adapt the cultures and environment of the San Francisco. There has been a difficulty I face. It is that I have to choose the right college for my education. As soon as I had arrived here, I went to City College for non-credit. I entered the country in September and so I could not catch to attend the credit courses. When I was in City College for non-credit courses, I discussed with the counselor for many times. At first, I planned to go to the City College for credit courses. I also finished placement test, orientation, new student's counseling, and registration. I registered for fifteen units. When I discussed with the counselor for the last time, he gave me information about FIDM. He said, "If you are really interested in Fashion Design, you should visit FIDM and look for some information." After that, I decided to visit FIDM and I found the Web pages about FIDM at online. One of the Admission Advisor contacted me and I decided to visit FIDM, San Francisco. My first impression about FIDM was really wonderful. As soon as I entered the FIDM, I saw the reality of Fashion Institute. The building is wonderful and shows the Fashion statues with different colors. The building is...
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