Reasons for Choosing Accounting

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  • Published : September 19, 2007
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This course in itself is not directly relevant to my personal future goals, but it pertains to my future degree, Business Management. I know that this course, and future accounting courses will be beneficial to me, but I don't know if I will be utilizing them as it may be outsourced. Although I may not use them directly, it is going to be very beneficial in knowing what is going on, and if the time ever came I would be proficient in completing the accounting tasks at hand due to these courses.

Accounting is, I think, the number one reason why businesses succeed as well as fail. If one employs sound accounting technique to his business plan and structure, that is much more significant and advantageous than selling hoards of product without one. With good accounting structure, it is easy to plan the future of the company, spending, in addition to tracking how the company is doing or has done over a specified time.

This affects my life in a variety of ways, as I plan on opening my own real estate business, once I get my brokers license (in a year and a half). The date of getting my license almost directly coincides with my business degree, and when I have both is when I plan on opening my business. My plans are to mainly deal with investment deals, as well as buyers/sellers. Understanding accounting principals will be essential to the success of my business. It will be helpful in explaining and hashing out the numbers with potential investors, on top of conducting the every day tasks of running my business.
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