Reasons for Being in College

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Reasons for Being in College
There is elementary school, middle school, and high school, but what comes next? College? College after high school has become one of the norms of society, but apart from social expectations, everyone has his or her own reasons for going to college. I made the decision to go to college for three main reasons. I wanted to be first in my family to attend college, to further my education and finally, to gain an advantage in the job field. My family consists of six members. I am the eldest of three siblings, and I will be the first in my family to attend college. This accomplishment will be a stepping stone for my family. I want to set an example and be a good role model for my siblings by sending a positive message that college is an important part of their education that will ultimately guide them to their future. I will set an example by changing my bad habits in order to become a well-rounded individual. Laziness and procrastination are among some of the bad habits that I possess. I can change those habits by being more proactive and on top of things. By letting my siblings see that I am doing my homework, studying or reading it will instill an appreciation for learning. I hope to help them achieve success in their own lives and influence them to do the same for their own family. Furthering my education was a major cause that weighed on my decisions to go to college. In order to stand out in the marketplace one needs to have a further education beyond high school. I realized that without the proper knowledge and experience, the path to my career would be one of great difficulty. My career interest as an event planner leans toward the business field so improving my confidence, social skills, and discipline are all part of my college education that is vital for my success. College isn’t only about the academics, but about making your own decisions and accepting the consequences that follow. Simple...
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