Reasons for and Against the Death Penalty

Topics: Crime, Murder, Death Penalty Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Lesson 7: Why Punishment?
Reasons for and against the death penalty.
The death penalty is the toughest punishment, it is irrevocable. Those who is for the death penalty, believes that it is a way to make payback for crimes and reduce crime in the future, when the death penalty should be a deterrent to criminals. In addition, they also believe that it is less costly than giving life. But if we look at the law, killing is a crime, so that makes the death penalty in itself a crime. Those who speak against the death penalty, believes that it is in conflict to the human right to life, it is man's human right and the death penalty is in conflict of that. In addition, one cannot be sure that the condemned is guilty, which is proved several times by DNA samples, which is obviously a very big disadvantage. There may be able to save money and space in prison, but an innocent convicted is not this money worth. And you still have a criminal at large, who may commit crimes. Seen from this side, is crime not reduced by the death penalty. And in this case it is deliberate murder of an innocent. I myself am very unsure about the death penalty. At some crimes, I think they just have to die, because the crime they have done is so bad, that they do not deserve to live. But I also think that it is in conflict to the law, and they just should have imprisonment for life, without parole. But basically I am against the death penalty, because I cannot see the sense in that a punishment should be against the law.
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