Reasons as to Why Children or Young People Should Be Taken Into Care

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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There are lots of different reasons why children and young people could be taken away from their family and put into care; Family related reasons
Bereavement; At some point in our lives we all go through bereavement but an adults ability to cope with loss is much better than that of a child if it was someone close to them. This can lead to the child not being able to concentrate properly in school which would have a negative effect on their schoolwork causing them to fall behind the other children in their class and is quite capable of giving them behavioural problems so much so that the only solution would be for the child in question to be taken into care. Parental illness; A child’s parent could become ill, and as a result they may have to be taken into care as the parent may not be able to cope without outside assistance for a while, giving their parent time to recover, how long the child is in care for would depend on the situation, once the social worker’s believe the parent is able to cope, the child would go back home. Suspected or actual maltreatment; If it's been suspected that a child is a victim of maltreatment and further investigation into the matter shows this to be the case, they would be removed from their home and put into care while the situation gets looked into further, when it's believed to be safe for the child they would go back home. Negligence; If there are suspected signs of negligence the child would be taken away from their parents and put into care while the situation got looked into further, when they believe it's safe the child would go back home to their parents. Child or young person related reasons

Behavioural problems; Changes in behaviour in a child could lead to stress which could affect their sleep meaning they would be tired in school, it would then effect their ability to learn resulting in them being behind all the other children in the class. The parent might not be able to cope with this so the child would be put...
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