Reasoning Skills

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  • Published : October 13, 2011
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Reasoning Skills for Objective Tests:
Objective Tests:
• identifiable by the “best answer”
• Because the range of acceptable answers is more narrow than it might be for essay questions, instructors like multiple choice or “true or false” questions.

Fill in the blank tests:
• look for key words
• decide what information is required
• use the grammatical structure of the sentence:
• Is it a noun, verb or qualifier?
• ‘A’ or ‘an’ indicates if the next word begins with a vowel or a consonant.

Short answer tests:
• read the directions
• leave nothing blank
• unless there is a penalty for incorrect answer, attempt all questions • write answers clearly
• do not lose marks because the writing is illegible.
• use the point distribution as a clue to how many pieces of information to list
• if the question has the value of one mark, the answer does not need to be extensive
• if the question is worth 10% of the exam, be sure that the answer is correspondingly thorough. • Plan the answer before starting to write
• use the amount of space provided
• should indicated how the long the answer is to be expected • write the answer in a sentence
• written proper ⇒ greater authority
• will increase the likelihood of the idea being explained fully • review answers before turning in exam
• don’t chance an answer without a good reason

General strategies for Multiple choice and True or False Tests: Multiple choice:
• If the question calls for a specific answer, the answer can usually be discovered by a process of elimination • by eliminating answers that cannot be correct, students are able to choose between the remainder True or False:

• if there is a penalty for incorrect answers, make a decision based upon the degree of certainty that the answer is correct (if its a guess it may not be worth the risk). Watch for qualifying words and phrases:

• qualifying words often provide a way of eliminating the answers that cannot be correct
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