Reasoning as to Why College Students Drop Out

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  • Published : November 2, 2010
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Sadly, nearly half of all freshmen will either drop out before getting their degree or getting their college education elsewhere because of all the struggles they will face as being a new college student. A lot of times, students do not realize what lies ahead: living away from home, challenging academics, learning time management skills, and maintaining their finances. For some, those responsibilities are not manageable, simply because they do not take their college education seriously. When given more freedom, entertainment becomes more important to the college students’ minds.

One reason why students drop out of college is because there is too much fun going on to focus on getting their assignments done. In most cases, professors do not assign any major exams or papers for the first couple weeks, so they are almost lulled into a false security. Students will not realize it, though, until they are so far behind, they panic. They start spending all-nighters frantically trying to catch up on the schoolwork they neglected for weeks. As a result, they drop out from all the stress they put themselves in to.

Another case could be being academically unprepared. Even though students may have gotten outstanding grades in high school, college can be much more demanding. For some, the readjustment period is rather tough. There is no room for expecting college professors to be as lenient as the teachers in high school, which is something students do not realize until they are already too far behind. College is a whole new ballgame, and if students do not take that statement seriously, they will end up flunking out, which tends to happen to a lot of new college students.

For many, the financial burdens of college are too overwhelming. Often students will plan the finances for only the first year or the first semester, but they will not look ahead to how they are paying for the rest. Some students are fortunate to have family to pay for their college, but that is not...
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