Reasearch Paper K-12

Topics: High school, Secondary education, Secondary school Pages: 7 (2043 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Diocesan Catholic School System
Diocese of San Pablo
San Pablo, Laguna
Liceo De Pila
Pila, Laguna

Investigative Study about the Philippines
Education through K-12

Presented to:
Mr. Lucien EstalillaAnsay
Research Teacher

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
In Research II
A.Y. 2012-2013

Submitted By:
Exequiel B. Manalang
Richmond Bryan A. Supleo

We want to dedicate this work to our parents, who work hard to give us good freedom, to all the students and teachers. And above all, to god, without him, we are all nothing.

The researchers went to acknowledgement the following:
Their research teacher, Mr. Lucien Ansay, for being considerable. Without him, the researchers are not able to make a study about K_12;
Their classmates for their non-stopping support;
Mrs. Supleo and Mrs. Jamolaon for accepting the researcher’s request to get their side about K-12;
And most of all, to God, for giving us the knowledge to finish this study.

The department of Education found a problem regarding to the academic performances of Filipino students compared to the students of other country.
Study shows that Philippines always got the last spot in terms of academic performances. This is the reason why the department of education implemented another curriculum and named it K-12.
But what is K-12? A basic question that until now, many people didn’t fully understand. Will it improve the education system of the Philippines? Or it will be just a waste of time? How people will react with this project? What is the effect of this to our society? This research was done to answer those questions.

Background of the Study
The true importance of K-12 to the students and to our society drove the researchers to formulate this kind of study.
In this research, the researchers define what K-12 is. They show the current education system in the Philippines and what other curricula are being used. The researchers also compared the education system in the Philippines to other country. And also, they interviewed a teacher and a parent on what is the effect of K-12 to them.

This study can help the students, parents and people of the community to fully understand K-12 and to have your own opinion about this kind of curriculum.

Definition of Terms
Curriculum- a set of course that a school or university is offering Curricula- plural of curriculum
Department of Education- is the government agency responsible for the education Academic Performance- it is the performance of a students in terms of academics Education System- it is the system of formalized transmission of knowledge Implement- to put in effect

Comparison of Philippines education system to other country
Before K-12 adopted, the Philippines is the only country in Asia and among the three remaining countries in the world that uses a 10-year basic education cycle. According to a presentation made by the South East Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO-INNOTECH) on Additional Years in Philippine Basic Education (2010), the comparative data on duration of Basic and Pre-University Education in Asia shows that the Philippines allots 10 years not just for the basic education cycle but also for the pre-university education while all the other countries have either 11 or 12 years in their basic education cycle.

Achievement scores highlight our students’ poor performance in national examinations. The National Achievement Test (NAT) results for grade 6 in SY 2009-2010 showed only a 69.21% passing rate while the NAT results for high school is at a low 46.38%. Moreover, international tests results in 2003 Trends in International Mathematics and Science study (TIMSS) show that the Philippines ranked 34th out of 38 countries in HS Math and 43rd out of 46 countries in HS II Science. Moreover, the Philippines...
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