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GCE Ordinary Level

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MARK SCHEME for the May/June 2012 question paper for the guidance of teachers

1123/12 Paper 1 (Composition), maximum raw mark 60

This mark scheme is published as an aid to teachers and candidates, to indicate the requirements of the examination. It shows the basis on which Examiners were instructed to award marks. It does not indicate the details of the discussions that took place at an Examiners’ meeting before marking began, which would have considered the acceptability of alternative answers. Mark schemes must be read in conjunction with the question papers and the report on the examination.

• Cambridge will not enter into discussions or correspondence in connection with these mark schemes.

Cambridge is publishing the mark schemes for the May/June 2012 question papers for most IGCSE, GCE Advanced Level and Advanced Subsidiary Level syllabuses and some Ordinary Level syllabuses.

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Mark Scheme: Teachers’ version GCE O LEVEL – May/June 2012

Syllabus 1123

Paper 12

MARKING of LANGUAGE Section 1 and Section 2 General Assessment Objectives for WRITING W1 W2 W3 W4 Communicate appropriately, with a clear awareness of purpose, audience and register. Communicate clearly and develop ideas coherently, at word level, at sentence level and at whole text level. Use accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar. Communicate creatively, using a varied range of vocabulary, sentence structures and linguistic devices.

The above objectives are assessed by impression, using as guides the Band descriptions in this mark scheme, the photostats and the exemplar marked scripts attached to this mark scheme, showing performance across the expected range of achievement. Specific Assessment Objectives for Section 1: Directed Writing To test the candidate's ability to: 1 2 write a speech which communicates information clearly, accurately and economically; carry out the instructions as detailed on the question paper regarding the particular information required.

Detailed Marking Instructions for Section 1: Directed Writing The 30 marks are allocated as follows: Task Fulfilment 15 marks Language 15 marks Please indicate the TF mark first at the end of the essay, e.g. 10 + 12 = 22 N.B. Assessing task fulfilment means more than including the bullet/content points. N.B. Candidates who address only two points must be in Band 3 or below for TF.

© University of Cambridge International Examinations 2012

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Mark Scheme: Teachers’ version GCE O LEVEL – May/June 2012 SECTION 1 TASK FULFILMENT MARK

Syllabus 1123

Paper 12

Band 1 (15–13 marks) • Good understanding of purpose. • Clear awareness of situation and audience. • Format entirely appropriate. • All required points developed in detail, fully amplified and well organised. • Given information well used to justify personal opinion and interpretation. • Tone and register entirely appropriate. Band 2 (12–10 marks) • An understanding of purpose. • An awareness of situation and audience. • Format appropriate. • All required points addressed but not always developed in detail. • Given information organised to support personal opinion. • Tone and register appropriate. Band 3 (9–7 marks) • Some understanding of purpose. • Some awareness of situation and audience. • Format generally appropriate. • At least two required points addressed (and partially/fully developed). • Given information may not be logically used to support opinion. • Tone usually appropriate, although there may be slips of register. Band 4 (6–4 marks) • Only partial understanding of purpose. • Some confusion as to situation and audience. • Format may be inappropriate. • At least one of the required points addressed (and partially/fully developed). • Given information may be used irrelevantly. • Tone may be uneven. Band 5 (3–1 marks) • Misunderstanding of purpose....
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