Rear Window Scene Analysis

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  • Topic: Renting, Academy Award for Best Director, Billy Wilder
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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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The scene begins when Lisa comes to Jeff’s apartment with dinner. After the waiter leaves the dinner, Lisa and Jeff have a drink next to the window discussing Lisa’s day and Jeff’s future plans. Lisa is sitting on the right side of the window and Jeff is on the left side. In the middle of the window, there is a beam that splits the window into two halves. People in the background can clearly be seen in the opposing side of the apartment complex. Alfred Hitchcock uses this scene to get the movie watcher involved in watching Jeff’s neighbors.

A key element is the use of vectors, which are lines establishing contact between the two actors. There is a vector that connects Lisa and Jeff. When watching the conversation between the two, the viewer goes back and forth between the two. However, when going back and forth, Miss Torso can be seen because she is below the vector. The reason the vector is created is to get the viewer to notice Miss Torso in the background. Being able to see Miss Torso gives an example of something that Jeff sees. Another key element of this scene is the framing. The edges of the frame show Jeff and Lisa, but they also incorporate the opposing side of the apartment complex in the middle of the frame. Even though the conversation between Jeff and Lisa is the main point of the scene, Miss Torso can be seen in her apartment in the middle of the frame. The ninety degree angle made by the beam in the window and the vector between Jeff and Lisa make Miss Torso the focal point because she is placed into the angle. Hitchcock frames the scene this way to put the viewer directly in the movie to let the viewer notice Miss Torso.

The movie has a claim that Jeff’s neighbors have become a sight for him and something for his enjoyment. This can be seen by the fact that he uses all of his free time to observe what his neighbors are doing. The point of the scene is to put the viewer into Jeff’s apartment and let him experience what Jeff experiences on a...
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