Rear Window ( 1954 )

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Abdullrahman Al - Abdulghani
Film Deliberation #04

Rear window ( 1954 )
Director : Alfred Hitchcock
Stars : James Stewart , Grace Kelly , Thelma Ritter , Raymond Burr

The movie talks about an injured photographer who is stuck in his apartment and all what he can do is look at his neighbors throat his rear window where he noticed that the neighbors wife disappeared so he start to prove that his neighbor killed his wife .

In the scene where Jeff calls Thorwald as the phone is ringing he speaks out giving the audiences a narrator to what might Thorwald be thinking , this move direct the audiences to where the story is going and it gives them a reason why did Thorwald killed his wife .

In the scene where Grace Kelly’s character goes to the murderers apartment the choice of music is unusual it was not exciting or sad it was the usual songs that are played at a café or restaurant but what is strange about it is when Grace Kelly shouted for James Stewart the neighbor did not stop playing the piano a situation where a digestive music is not the right choice .

In the scene where MR. Thorwald tried to kill Jeff , Jeff started using his flash to delay him from doing anything it is hard to believe that a flash could delay someone that long from doing something he must do fast any normal person would run to stop the flashes but MR. Thorwald simply walked to Jeff one flash after the other

The story of the ballerina and the newly wed couple had no effect on the movie the only reason the ballerina was there was so the character Lisa could show Jeff that every women needs love in her life and Lisa is not to be blamed for wanting the man she loves to propose to her .
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