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By | August 2011
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She Gets it from Her Mom and Her Environment
A review of the article:
Champagne, F.A., & Mashoodh, R. (2009). Genes in context: Gene–environment interplay and the origins of individual differences in behavior. Current Directions in Psychological Science. 18, 127 - 131.

Review by Lauren Gonzales
We know after studying theorists such as Gordon Allport, Raymond Cattell, Paul Costa and many others that genetics plays an important role in deciphering an individual’s personality. We also know that the environment plays an important role in our behavior as well because of theorists such as Abraham Maslow and Albert Bandura. Both genetics and environment play key roles in shaping an individual’s behavior. Champagne and Mashoodh discuss new studies that explore the importance of both factors. Through the article one can see how each individual’s personality is different due to gene and environmental factors. The most important term discussed in the article is, epigenetic. It is the key to understanding the response of environmental cues and inherited attributes. Epigenetic means adding something in addition too. For example, DNA Methylation can be added to DNA to silence a gene but not change the characteristics, which means we may inherit traits but they can be inhibited by other mechanisms or by our environment. To better understand gene-environment (GxE) an analogy of a library was used to explain the concept. A library contains many books but not all of them are read. Some books may be blocked by furniture or too high on the shelf for anyone to see. The books that are read contain knowledge that is shared with numerous people. The same concept applies to DNA. In DNA there are many genes and some are not read because of mechanisms or environmental issues that inhibit reading leaving genetic make- up uncovered. The genes that are read are also brought to the surface so that they are shared with numerous people. Therefore if our...

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