Reality Tv - the Real Issues

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  • Published : October 9, 2008
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In today’s society, media plays a major role in many decisions people make. Whether it’s seeing the way your favorite movie star dresses, or listening to the newest bands, media makes a difference in everyone’s life. Recently reality television has become a bigger, more popular pastime that many American people enjoy. With so many different reality shows coming out one of the biggest problems that America faces is what kind of message these shows are projecting to their viewers. Almost every reality show that’s out there right now is in some way almost degrading to regular human beings. Shows that get some of the most viewers include the ones with the worst values. Getting plastic surgery to improve your looks, or becoming famous by having not much talent at all are just two examples of the kinds of shows that are being published today. Many agree that these shows are absolutely sending the wrong message to people who view them, yet with so many shows coming out everyday it’s hard to tell if these shows really have any effect on their viewers at all.

In “Voting Democracy off the Island” by Francine Prose, she discusses her opinions about popular reality television shows. To her, it’s all about ethics and recent reality television is clearly not making a good impact on anyone who watches. She rips apart anyone who takes part in these shows and says that they “are amateurs who may have been chosen for their fragility and instability” (225). With this being said it’s clear that these so-called “real” people are in fact actually not genuine at all. Although most people just watch reality TV and laugh at the way they cruelly mock individuals who participate, Prose feels some people will not be able to make the clear enough judgment to realize that it is all fake, and instead let what they see on television drown their morals and ideas into something fake, like the shows their watching. Another huge problem that Prose believes is wrong with reality television...
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