Reality Tv, Social Experiment or Guilty Pleasure?

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Reality TV Social Experiment or Guilty Pleasure?

“I see you’ve changed your clothes and have come dressed ready for a night on the town” I said as I opened the door for a visiting friend. Dressed in a button down shirt adorned with a gaudy array of rhinestones and crosses, denim jeans that looked like they were previously owned by a homeless cowboy; and to top off the whole ensemble, he wore pointy boots that could be used alternatively as weapons of mass destruction. He gave me a confused look and asked where he could put his stuff down and get out of his work clothes. He was not at all dressed in a professional manner nor could I even call it business casual. I couldn’t be sure but I think he may have even fist pumped his way to my house from a Jersey Shore episode. This is only one case of many. Furthermore this example epitomizes the effects Reality TV has had on popular culture today. Additional effects felt can be directly related to the influx of available information through technological advancement; With all the gadgets and gizmos out there like TiVo, Smartphones, and the iPad you are no longer held back by inconvenient boundaries set by network scheduling; you can take your daily fix of American Idol and Housewives of insert city here, when and wherever you choose. ABC, NBC, and CBS once considered “The Big Three” have also had to keep up with the permutation this cultural phenomenon has brought on. Along with technological advances and the networks keeping up, as a culture we are experiencing a dependency on theexceedingly abnormal and outrageous. Popular culture is confronted with a leakage of, once comical, stereotypes such as the Drama Queen, the Roid-rager, and the Self-centered martyr into the normal behavioral mainstream.ConsequentlyReality TV has dramatically changed from its popularity in the nineties, to metastasizing into a full-blown epidemic causing New Millennium Reality television to insidiously morph popular culture into a different...
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