Reality Tv Shows and Its Influence on Society

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  • Published : February 27, 2011
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Research Essay Proposal Outline

Reality shows play a significant role in television broadcasting benefiting the producers, sponsors, advertisers and anyone who has a stake in the making of it. Reality shows are degrading the society, individuals and ironically, these reality shows are far different from true reality. Reality programs have taken a major part in the affect on civilization and its influence on American popular culture. Although reality TV shows have acquired great demand among audiences in the origins of ‘70s, it has led to a decrease in social value which has a downbeat impact on the society as a whole. Certain reality TV shows consider the humiliation of the participants on national TV as an entertainment to the public. Shows such as The Moment of Truth, where people reveal their personal lives face enormous disgrace and show like The Biggest Loser, with the insult right flee in the title. The humiliation of the contestants is a selling point for the program where audience have a laugh at those contestants who are ripped apart by the shows’ judges. There are no regulator guidelines set by the broadcasters where the program would stick to codes of behaviour. One great example is Big Brother, where contestants mark each other with racial vilifications. Vulgar behaviour, swearing, and fights that are shown on reality TV have a negative impact on the younger audiences. This behaviour is applied in society such as home, school, and neighbourhood by the viewers who are easily manipulated. Younger audiences are influenced emotionally and psychologically from the reality show characters and lose self-esteem in them. Teenagers are impacted deeply by the lifestyle of those models on TV because they are bored of their monotonous lifestyle. To illustrate, America’s Next Top Model has captured the attention of many teenagers who participate in these reality shows but get rejected most of the time....
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