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  • Published : February 18, 2009
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Reality Television
As a nation, we love television. People who don?t watch television seem to be the exception, not the norm. We also seem to love reality television, and the concept of reality TV has expanded beyond the simple drama. There are reality television shows that resemble game shows. In others, people win a prize or get to pursue their dreams such as becoming a fashion designer, chef, or interior decorator. Some of us have dreams in being part of a reality show. Others just love to watch reality television. What is it about this type of program that captivates people? Perhaps it is the sense that the people on the television or doing something excited. Reality television appears to our sense of adventure. Shows like Survivor make us feel like we are watching people do something dangerous and intriguing. That show has the perfect balance of adventure, intrigue and drama. Other shows make us dream. We watch others get to live their dreams of becoming things. Some desire to be fashion designers. Others dream of marrying someone rich. And still some of us dream of finding love. And still others desire to become dancers, executives, singers, etc. Whatever our personal dreams and desires are, there is probably a reality show out there that can appeal to that. There is definitely a reality television subculture, and the networks seem to exploit them. Since we enjoy this type of programming so much, why not overload us with as many reality shows that we can tolerate? This has also caused another subculture. These are the ones that don?t understand the subculture and fail to realize what the allure to these types of shows is. They prefer to go out and live instead of watch others do that. And still, there are those who will watch reality programming but they don?t crave it. To these people it is simply entertaining. They don?t wish they were the ones on television, and they certainly have exciting enough lives. In conclusion, it is a good idea to give reality...
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