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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Reality Television: “Basketball Wives”

Reality TV Shows use to be “REAL” with authentic people, unscripted situations, and a primary purpose that told a narrative. Nowadays, reality TV consists of paid actors and actresses, scripted scenarios that are reshot, edited, and recreated. For example, VH1’s hit reality series “Basketball Wives” that has been on for four seasons created by Shaunie O’Neal. The primary purpose of the show is to follow a group of women (who are not all “wives”) in their everyday lives who are somehow romantically linked to professional basketball players. The show first started off as an entertaining comedy that was harmless and later evolved into excessive confrontations. Furthermore, the show has stirred up a lot of controversial arguments because of its violent behavior, vulgar profanity, and most all portrayal of “black woman”.

Throughout history especially on reality shows “the black woman” has been depicted as independent, welfare queen, and most of always angry. According to the “Cultivation Theory” the media gradually shapes our worldview by formulating are beliefs about the world. Most people do believe that majority of “black woman” act physically violent as it’s presented on “Basketball Wives”. Subsequently, another evaluation on reality shows is the “Social Comparison Theory” when people evaluate themselves and compare themselves to celebrities on television. For instance, on “Basketball Wives” “black woman” are shown as ignorant and financially dependent on men, which are misleading to young girls, who watch and thrive on drama. The viewers see these women buying materialistic objects, taking expensive trips, and living in mansions. As a result, it makes them feel as if these celebrities’ lives are considered to be society’s norm. When in actuality these women have no real careers, glorify materialism, lethargic, untalented, and lack education.
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