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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Reality Television’s Detrimental Affects

Reality Television has become one of the most well-known and highly watched genres of television throughout the world. The website, Shocking Statistics reveals that more than 57% of all shows broadcasted on television have received the title of “Reality TV. This genre revolves around the idea of “unscripted” television allowing for casts members to do whatever they desire in front of the camera. While many of these shows provide entertainment or jobs to people, they also produce negative effects as well. Statistics have proven that of the 240,000 entertainment jobs in Los Angeles, 30,000 are tied to reality television (“Shocking Statistics”). Providing jobs may be a wonderful aspect, but having negative side effects that come with these productions almost always outweigh the positive. The problems that have risen from reality television have been affecting the cast and its viewers in detrimental ways. It has been said that there are more than five violent scenes in an hour of prime time television (“Shocking Statistics”). This is an outrageous number to be associated with something that is supposed to be entertainment. Although, cast members in reality television portray violence, they also may endure physical and mental abuse such as, depression, weight problems, paranoia and more. Not only does Reality TV negatively affect cast members through addictions to fame, judgments and lies, but it also effects viewers through negative role models. Reality Television originated in the form of broadcast radio. Television replaced radio in popularity in sometime in 1948. Although the beginning of reality television is not known one of the earliest reality TV series was called “Candid Camera”. Many others followed after like “Truth or Consequence”, a show that hid secret cameras in 1950; “American Family” which was the beginning of following families around in 1973 and finally the most popular and well known in 1992, “The Real World”. All of these shows involved cameras following them around in their daily lives (“Reality TV”). With all of these shows, came the diverse themes that were enacted in each show. The characters of these shows were to go about in their daily lives but often certain situation presented themselves to not be so positive. Themes of romance, sex, drugs/alcohol, addiction, sexuality, violence, illness, weight, prejudice, politics and religion often arose making these shows much more adhering or popular for the public to view. These themes not only have made for good, entertaining television, but have affected the lives of those who watch, and the lives of those who are apart of the show. The themes that are presented in these shows can often be very strong or detrimental to the lives of those who live with these problems. Many people have not only had problems during the shows where they suffered from various issues but also suffered in the aftermath of the show airing. Various examples have been shown that people reveal so many personal things on television that many people will judge them for. Since almost the whole world can see these shows on television, the judgment against these people may get so negative that the person themselves cannot handle it. Television of the 20th century has evolved into more serious or entertaining reality television shows that receive far higher ratings than most other ordinary shows and has also sprung the idea of competitive reality television shows. Producers have embarked on the idea to make shows were there is an incentive or a large reward entitled to the winner of a certain competition. Some of the first few to be introduced were “Survivor”, “Fear Factor”, “American Idol”, “America’s Next Top Model”, “Biggest Loser” and more. With these new shows, the modern day reality television shows also continued airing bringing in “Jersey shore”, “16 and pregnant”, the Kardashian shows, and the Housewives shows and still airing season...
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